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In this workshop we explore the paired chakras of Swadhisthana and Vishuddhi from the physical to subtle energies.

Dec 11th 2022 is the 3hr zoom workshop 🌷

This workshop will focus on:
Swadhisthana helping us to enjoy life with discrimination.
Vishuddhi for communication, enhancing relationships and purification.

⭐️ Yoga Postures with variations to suit most abilities. 

⭐️Yoga ANATOMY & SCIENCE in connection to these chakras. 

⭐️ Mudras and bandhas with theory and practice. Learn tools to balance these chakra energy centres.

⭐️ Pranayama breath work.

⭐️ Take it deeper with Meditation
After all this preparation we will take it deeper and higher with two in-depth meditation practices each taken by our Swamis.

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⭐️ TIMES Live or via VIDEO recording

• AEST Qld Sun 9am-12 Australia | NSW & Vic 10-1pm | NZ Sun 12-3 pm | All other locations use UTC/GMT +10hrs
Recording available for a year.
CPD points with YA, Yoga Alliance and SYTA

• ⭐️ Workshop login details and self inquiry questionnaire will be emailed 10 days in advance.

Working with these energetic centres helps develop communication, discrimination and purification while at the same time enhancing enjoyment in life. Perfect as we prepare for the celebration season with friends and family.
🌷When balanced these chakras work together to uplift your life.🌷

Guided meditations with 
With over 108 years combined experience in chakra yoga and meditation, Swami Karma Karuna, Swami Muktibodhananda and Physiotherapist Yogashakti Rebecca Fagan ... the three amigos....will deliver this practical and informative workshop.

Chakras are like energy substations. We can harness the energy to enhance our health, meditation and higher awareness.

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 3hr Workshop.....

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Summary of the details

Paired Chakras: 
Swadhisthana for enjoying life with discrimination.
Vishuddhi health communication and relationships.
Dec 11th 2022 3hr zoom workshop 🌷

This life- enhancing program: 
Chakras in Action contains a series of 5 workshops.
You can choose to do one or all five.

Video Links
If you miss a live session, no problem, they are available as video link recordings to view at your own pace.

There are practices offered in-between workshops for students to enhance your experience.
A new 3hr online workshop will be offered every few months.

Who is this course suitable for?.
Suitable for Yoga Teachers, 
and experienced yoga or meditation students and 
Health Care Practitioners.
CPD points available.
All welcome!

Expert Presenters
These workshops are taken by experts in yoga, Swami Karma Karuna, 
Swami Muktibodhananda and Physiotherapist Rebecca Yogashakti .... the three amigos! The sessions will  be practical, interactive and informative. 
We hope you can join us.


Future Workshops Dates 
Swadhisthana and Vishuddhi
Part 3 Dec 11th 2022 

Manipura and Anahata
Part 4 Feb 12th 2023 
Bindu and Sahasrara Chakra Integration
Part 5 April 2nd 2023

Live Online Times
AEST AUS Qld Sun 8.45 am-12 noon. 
NSW  & Vic Sunday 9.45-1 pm
NZ  11.45- 3 pm
All other locations use UTC/GMT +10hrs

Workshop zoom login details will be emailed 10 days and again 3 days in advance. (check your promotions folder if not delivered to your inbox).

Further Opportunities
Our Previous workshops recordings are available: 
Enhancing Chakras with Yoga Nidra and Prana Vidya

Enhancing Chakras workshop series of 5 focuses on Yoga Nidra relaxation and Prana VIdya. 
Chakras In Action brings in asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha plus meditation. These two course weave together beautifully for a comprehensive understanding of the chakras.

email us info@physioyoga.com.au 
for Enhancing Chakras course access.

All courses have CPD points for yoga teachers with YA, Yoga Alliance and SYTA
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  • International Yoga Nidra experts 
  • ​CPD points with YA, Yoga Alliance and SYTA per workshop.
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 These yoga practices are considered very safe and help with many common physical and mental health conditions including mild anxiety and depression.

If you have any concerns or a serious mental health condition please consult a relevant health professional before joining the workshops.
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