INTRODUCING: Special Yoga Nidra Workshop with international experts
Chakras in Action
Starts August 14th

following on from the success of the last Chakra series 
We are Getting active with the new focus on
Asana: Yoga postures and Flows, with restorative & gentle yoga plus variations to suit most levels.

Pranayama: breathing practices, 
Mudra, Bandha to build energy & flow 
 Meditation practices to deepen the experience.
Yoga anatomy and science for health.

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Practices will be lead by International Expert Yoga Teachers:

Swami Mukti, Swami Karma Karuna and Physiotherapist Yogashakti (Rebecca Fagan)

Online live Zoom Workshop 
Recordings will be available for 1 year.

This Chakra Series includes 5 x 3hr workshops
Plus practices to do between workshops

Part 1 Chakras in Action Overview, August 14, 2022

Part 2 Paired Chakras: Mooladhara (Base) and Ajna (eyebrow level). Nov 2022

Part 3 Paired Chakras: Swadhisthana (sacral) and Vishhuddhi (throat). Feb 2023

Part 4 Paired Chakras: Anahata (heart) and Manipura (navel). May 2023

Part 5 Integrating the Chakras: focus on Sahasrara (crown) and Bindu. August 2023

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 Chakras in Action series.
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