Yoga for Common Musculoskeletal Conditions (YCMC)
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Online Course for Yoga Teachers 50 Hrs / 50 PD points
Yoga Australia approved professional development

 Therapeutic Yoga
for professional and personal development.

          · Confidently teach appropriate yoga asana and modifications for 20+ common musculoskeletal conditions.
          · Experience the Physioyoga principles with guided therapeutic yoga classes and micro skills.
          · Gentle but effective yoga postures and flows with modifications and props.
          · Integrative yoga combining traditional yoga knowledge with western medicine.
          · Practical Yoga application of essential anatomy and pathophysiology.
          · Understand how yoga postures activate myofascial meridians and the relation to acupuncture meridians.
          · Learn how to use yoga to benefit mental health and emotional balance including trauma sensitive practice.
Professional learning
          · Case studies with clinical reasoning.
          · Contra-indications and precautions. Understand what to avoid with specific musculoskeletal conditions.
          · Opportunity for peer learning and sharing your knowledge and experience.
Learning Styles
          · Learn from personal experience and experimentation.
          · Innovative teaching with online self paced tasks and a fabulous learning portal.
          · Interactive group discussion and tutorials.
          · Flexible learning options online with tutorial groups or mentoring.
          · Practice in a supportive, non-judgemental environment open to all abilities.
          · Self-pacing and self-awareness is paramount.
          · Done-for-you example themed classes.
          · Summary of the research and evidence base.
          · Ongoing access to the learning portal and resources for 5+yrs.
          · Continuing community connection.

Conditions we cover:
          · Postural muscle imbalance, crossed syndrome and core strength.
          · Lower back conditions: disc, nerve, joint, muscular and fascia conditions, sciatic and piriformis syndrome and iliopsoas imbalance.
          · Osteoarthritis and common arthritic conditions.
          · Hip and knee: arthritis, ligament strains, muscle weakness.
          · Joint instability: including sacroiliac and knee.
          · Thoracic spine: kyphosis, scoliosis and Scheuermann's.
          · Shoulder conditions: rotator cuff, bursitis, frozen shoulder and recurrent dislocation.
          · Neck stiffness and disc injury.
          · Balance
          · Mental Health considerations including anxiety, depression, trauma sensitive practice.

* Note: We do not teach differential diagnosis in this course. However we do cover how to modify yoga to cater for those who have been diagnosed with common musculoskeletal health conditions.
* Promoting Health practitioners and yoga teachers working together for enhanced client wellbeing.

Flexible Learning Options:

1. Self paced Online  
8 x Online Modules
Plus 1 x 3 hr workshop *
Workshop may be Online Live or at a retreat.

Live Online Session structure:
The Live Online training sessions will include a themed class, tutorial with question and answer,
small online breakout groups for discussion and practice of micro skills.

There will be theory and applied yoga anatomy.
It will be a relaxed nurturing environment where interaction and peer learning is encouraged.

Follow the course via the online learning portal.
You will have continuing access to the learning portal for 5 years including updated research and recordings.

Assessment is via quiz questions on the portal.
Participation in musculoskeletal themed yoga classes minimum x 2 per week
Yoga Course plan or Case study and presentation based around a musculoskeletal theme.
A reflective journal of your practice, classes and / or teaching.

Start Now
Instructions on how to access the Learning portal will be emailed on enrollment so you can start on readings and exploring the learning portal.
Contact us on a tab below if you have any further questions and we will endeavour to get back to you with 2 days.

Retreats 2024: 
After all the learning online you may like to join us for a Physio Yoga retreat.

Springbrook rain forrest Sept 12-15 (3 nights)
Theme: Accessible Yoga including standing, chair and floor/bed
Minjerribah North Stradbroke Island June 16-22 (6 nights)
Therapeutic Yoga Foundations.

This course can be taken as a stand alone module.
It is also the core subject for the Level 2 Teacher Training 150hr (For details see below)

Yoga teachers with 200YTT minimum or equivalent.
Health professionals eg physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists to integrate into your scope of practice.
(see pre-requisits below)

Training Investment Options:
$995 Upfront payment discount or
$275 x 4 Part Payment each 2 weeks (total $1100)
$110 x 10 Part Payment each 2 weeks (total $1100)

Super Early Bird Until Dec 15th
$995 $780.00 Upfront (30% saving)
$1100 $880 8 x $110 (20 % saving)

Early Bird Promo YCMC Until Jan 15th
$995 $850 Upfront Payments.
$1100 $950 4 x Part Payment each 2 weeks (total $950)

Note: Scholarships are available for financial need.
 $660 upfront for Scholarship.
 $165 x 4 each 2 weeks (total $660) Scholarship.

Retreats: Join us for an Integrative Yoga retreat in 2024: 

Springbrook rain forrest Sept 12-15 (3 nights)
Theme: Accessible Yoga including standing, chair and floor/bed
Minjerribah North Stradbroke Island June 16-22 (6 nights)
Therapeutic Yoga Foundations.

For Yoga Teachers 50hrs CPD
Yoga Australia Certified. Recognised professional development with Yoga Alliance Internationally.

For Yoga Teachers
The Prerequisite is a minimum of 200hr Yoga TT or equivalent

NOTE: Yoga Teachers can use this module towards the Post Graduate Certification YTT 150 hrs
Progress from a Provisional Membership (200YTT) to a Level 1 Registered Yoga Teacher (350YTT)
or from a Level 1 Registered Yoga Teacher 350YTT to a Level 2 500YTT Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia.
(See details below)
Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.
Certificate available upon completion of each module.

Learning pathway for Yoga Teachers

The Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training 150 hr includes:
2 Core Units and 3 x 20hrs electives of your choice.

Flexible learning allows for modules to be done at your own pace.
Yoga Teachers can upgrade from a 200hr to 350hr or a 350 to 500hr training.
Upon completion, 150 certification will be recognised by Yoga Australia.

Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training 150 hr (Yoga Australia Approved)

Core Units are:
1. Yoga For common Musculoskeletal Conditions (50 hours)
details above.

2. Advanced Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness
for relaxation, mental health and pain management. (40 hours).
Available now via the learning portal to do at your own pace or next online live in 2023.

Current Elective Choices. 2023
Chakras In Action (20hrs): with asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha.
This course is aimed at activating and balancing the chakras and related health conditions.
5 x 3hr workshops Sunday morning AEST next live Dec 11th 2022.
Or follow via the videos and/or live.

Bali Therapeutic Yoga Foundations retreat
May 28 - June 3 2023

Yoga for Arthritis (20hrs)

Enhancing Chakras (20hrs): with Yoga Nidra and Prana Vidya. (Deep Relaxation and meditation practices).
Online via learning portal.

Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance International certified training.

“It wasn’t just what I learned, it was how I learned it that was unique about this course.
– Dr Sue G, University Lecturer”

"Integrating yoga has brought balance into my clinical practice and my life. It has also enhanced my business by building a flexible, loyal online client base..." - Janine Physio

"This course was truely transformative" - A. Kaling

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