Chakra Yoga monthly Class Online

Live class on the first Sunday of the month. Next theme is:
Vishuddhi Chakra 
with Yogashakti
Rebecca Fagan
Sunday December 3rd 

NOTE daylight saving times

  1 hr class 8.30am AEST QLD Australian Time 
Victoria/ NSW 9.30am
NZ 11.30am
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Exploring Vishuddhi Chakra
Understanding and Balancing the throat Chakra.

Our next Chakra yoga class will be focusing on Vishuddhi chakra for balancing communication, including speaking the truth with kindness and listening with compassion as we integrate the lessons of the heart.
Just some of the aspects activated by Vishuddhi Chakra.

Anatomy of Vishuddhi:

Manifestations of Imbalance:

Navigating Overactivity:

This class is designed to balance Vishuddhi to restore equilibrium to our physical and emotional health bringing clarity, skilled communication and discernment.

The class Includes:
Asana (exercise) practices, tailored to target the chakra.
Pranayama techniques, channeling breath to recalibrate energies.
Meditative practices, fostering harmonious alignment.
Together, we will explore and develop the powers of Vishuddhi Chakra.

 * The live class zoom link will be emailed on the Friday before the class starts.
* The recording will be emailed a week after the class.

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