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 Hatha yoga refers to exercises for strength, balance, flexibility and breathing that many of us are familiar with.
Yoga Nidra brings focus to the mindfulness and meditation side of yoga.

In Yoga Nidra there are several stages. Guided relaxation is combined with mindfulness, body awareness and breathing techniques. Further stages including auto-suggestion, visualisation and pain reprocessing tailored to the individual / group's goals.
 Modern pain science meets traditional wisdom to enhance the therapeutic journey.

Restorative Yoga Nidra Method & Mindfulness 

Self care and professional development combined.
Would you like to become a certified facilitator of Yoga Nidra Method and Mindfulness.

Research shows Yoga Nidra Method to be effective for: 
persisting pain, 
balancing mental health,
anxiety, depression, and trauma,
reducing cortisol and inflammation,
sleep and empowerment,
overall well being.

Transform your clinical practice for individuals, groups, face to face and online.
"Integrating Yoga tools has brought balance into my clinical practice and my life. It has also enhanced my business by building a flexible, loyal online client base..."

Safely and confidently bring Yoga Nidra and mindfulness into your scope of practice. 
Innovative, experiential training with access to learning portal and resources.
Online 8 wk PD course for health professionals.

Next course starts online to do in your own time. 
With live online to answer questions.

Your Investment: 
Self-Care Special currently: $880 / $660 concession.
4 part payment available.
Start now for $165.

Great Value Standard pricing:
$1020 / $880 concession

Concession for: Health Care Card, JobKeeper, student, new grads, single parents, other concessions considered on application.
4 Part payment options.

Become a qualified facilitator in Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness.
Build on these qualifications with further training in Yoga For common musculoskeletal conditions. 

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