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Restorative Yoga Nidra Method & Mindfulness facilitator training course

 Research shows Yoga Nidra to be effective for: 
persisting pain, 
balancing mental health, 
calming the nervous system, 
reducing cortisol and inflammation,
sleep and empowerment,
overall well being, 

We will focus on Yoga Nidra for relaxation, mindfulness and meditation, health and pain transformation. 
Integrating Yoga Nidra and mindfulness tools have brought balance into my practice and my life and made it effortless to build an engaged
online client base. 
 With our innovative experiential training, we can safely and confidently bring Yoga Nidra and mindfulness into our scope of practice for health care practitioners and Yoga teachers.
Yoga teachers have special teacher training modules for YA accreditation.

I invite you to join us for Restorative Yoga Nidra Method and Mindfulness 8 wk online PD course live and/or via replay.
All materials in the Learning portal.
total 50 hrs
Next Live face to face Course starts 2022 May 3rd - June 21, 2022.
Tuesday 6.15-8.30 pm 8 weeks
Start Now! with a self directed online course via the learning portal with 
2 x mentoring sessions included.

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