Enhancing Chakra Series of 4 Workshops:

Including science, symbology and practices for health & harmony.

What we cover in the Workshops:

* Chakras and their relationship with anatomy and science of our nerves and hormones.

* Learn how paired chakras work together. 

* Activate and balance your chakras

 *Explore the symbology of chakras

* Guided Yoga Nidra (evidence based deep relaxation meditation) 

* Prana Vidya (a traditional tantric visualisation practice). 

* Inspiring, informative talks from experienced Swamis.

Yes, I would like to book for the
  Enhancing Chakras workshop 
for health and harmony
3hr recorded or live online practical and lectures 
$58 / $38 CONCESSION per 3 hr workshop.
Part 1 Enhancing Chakras overview is available to START NOW!

ancient yoga wisdom meets modern science

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Chakra Workshop Series:

Part 1 Overview. Enhancing Chakras.
Webinar now available. Includes 5 modules to do in your own time.

Part 2 Paired Chakras: Mooladhara (Base) and Ajna (eyebrow level). 
Available Nov 1

Part 3 Paired Chakras: Swadhisthana (sacral) and Vishhuddhi (throat) 
Live Dec 12th 2021

Part 4 Paired Chakras: Anahata (heart) and Manipura (navel)
Live Feb 20th 2022

Practical and experiential. 
All welcome!
 Workshop zoom registration link will be emailed

Time Zones for live Workshops
AEST QLD Sun 9am-12 Australia
NSW & Vic 10-1pm  Daylight savings
NZ Sun 12-3 pm 
All other locations use GMT/UTC +10hrs
or via recordings

  • International Yoga Nidra experts 
  • CPD points with YA, Yoga Alliance and SYTA
  • ​Zoom Live or replay available for 3 months
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 These practices are based on traditional Yoga teachings.
These practices are considered very safe. 
If you have a serious mental health condition, it is advised you consult a relevant health professional before joining the workshop. 
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