Chakra Workshop Series
Enhancing health and harmony
in your chakra energy systems with Yoga Nidra & Prana Nidra.

Chakras Part 1: Including
science, symbology, health and harmony.

Chakras and their relationship with anatomy and science of our nerves and hormones.

Explore the symbology of  chakras through Yoga Nidra practice.

Learn how paired chakras work together and activate and balance your chakras with prana vidya.

Chakra Workshop Series Dates

Part 1 Enhancing Chakras. 
August 15th

Part 2 Mooladhara (Base) and Ajna (eyebrow level). 
Oct 17th 

Part 3 Swadhisthana (sacral) and Vishhuddhi (throat) 
Dec 12th

Part 4 Anahata (heart) and Manipura (navel)
Sahasrara (crown) 
Feb 20th

3 hours on Sundays 9-12 (AEST) GMT+10hours

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Relaxation and Meditation 
 Chakra workshop Aug 15th
Chakras Part 1 
Science, symbology, health and harmony 
 Sunday August 15th 9am AEST
$58 / $38 CONCESSION 
OR $210 discount for series of 4 workshops

TIme zones
 Sun 9am-12 AEST for Vic, Qld, NSW
NZ Sun 11-2pm,  
PDT Sat 4pm
EDT Sat 7pm

Other locations use GMT/UTC +10hrs
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Evidence based for

  • ​improving sleep, 
  • ​pain management
  • ​reducing stress, 
  • ​reversing brain changes associated with ageing.
  • ​reducing inflammation
  • ​​balancing mental health such as stress, anxiety and depression.
  • ​improving well-being, 
  • ​For professional. and personal development.  
  • ​3 CPD points with YA, Yoga Alliance and SYTA
 Yoga Nidra & Prana Nidra 

Practical and experiential. 
All welcome!
 Workshop login details will be emailed a week and a few days in advance

  • International Yoga Nidra experts 
  • CPD points with YA, Yoga Alliance and SYTA
  • ​Check your starting time zone AUS Brisbane, Melb AEST Sun 9am-12,  NZ Sun 11-2pm, Other locations GMT/UTC +10hrs
  • ​Zoom Live or replay available for 2 months
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These practices are considered very safe. 
If you have a serious mental health condition, it is advised you consult a relevant health professional before joining the workshop. 
  Being in balance