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Yoga for Common Musculoskeletal Conditions
for Health Care Practitioners

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Yoga for Common Musculoskeletal Conditions 50 hr


Online, self paced, 8 modules + ½ day case study workshop (scheduled throughout the year)

Start now working through the modules and online classes.

Who is this course suitable for?
Physiotherapists and other health care professionals.
Level 2 Yoga teachers and equivalent.
Half Scholarships available for those in financial need.
(Application and registration forms are on the website)

Live Case Study Workshops: 
See upcoming dates in the FAQ tab
Inspire and motivate patients individually and in groups with safe, effective yoga postures and flows. 

APHRA and Yoga Australia approved for professional development within your chosen scope of practice.

Learn through yoga practice, videos, case studies, journaling and quiz questions. It is all accessible in the Physioyoga learning portal.
We cover 
* 50 Foundational Yoga postures including preliminary practices and graduated modifications using simple props.
* Essential yoga anatomy review for 20+ musculoskeletal conditions.
* Myofascial meridians related to TCM meridians and how to apply in clinical practice.
* Anxiety, depression and trauma sensitive considerations.
* 8 experiential Integrative Yoga Classes online live or via recording.
8 learning modules with videos, tutorials with power point slides and short quizzes.
* Bonus optional yoga nidra relaxation classes. 
Based on:
* Physioyoga principles of movement.
* Clinical reasoning and case studies. 
* Integrating traditional Hatha yoga wisdom, TCM meridian theory and western medical science.
* Modern pain science and physiotherapy principles underpin this course.

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